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Since typical salary for welders is around $15-$35 per hour. I am sure this would be question on a lot of welders minds. If you are making over $50 per hour or know who makes this, feel free to comment.


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You gota go round and round that pipe to get paid that top dollar. Dont be sacred of it and you have to follow the work, you have to be ready to move and chase the work where ever it goes it takes you. And in these days in this economy if your sitting still and goin broke its your own fault. Pack your bags
Well it would be nice to know where these jabs are, every time i look there is nothing on my computer, especially pipe welding, maybe because I live in AZ, but I look all over. You think you could give me the heads up on that location, I'm there dude.
pipeline welding has its own followers it's own brotherhood. it's tight knit and hard to break in. But if you are consistant, presistant, don't mind travel , long hr, dirty conditions , and most important are really good with downhand welding and can handle the big diameter welding rod, then maybe you can get the jobs you want. Most spreads right now are small, and in the south. tthere are more on the books , so short term ,  things look good. First off get your down hill certs.and be consistant with your quality of work , cause one arc strick too many will get you run off. Then you got to network, network, network. If you are an unknown this will be paramount. Remember they are taking a big risk on you. Take any job, no matter how short. The idea is to get your name out there, get known. It's your reputation that gets you the work. keep on it and it wont be long when they will be calling you, to go to work. it happens, it takes a lot of sweat, and work but it will pay off for you.



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